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Welcome to our family travel blog! This simple blog will be where we detail our first long term travel in North, Central and mostly South America. I do hope we can keep up with the blog besides me keeping up with my work, planning the travels, the children keeping up with school work and mummy doing the rest (which will be a lot). The purpose is to help us remember as much as we can long after we and the children completed their travels and also provide a channel for family and friends to know what and where on earth are we.

Why did I subject my family to this nomadic life for 6-7 months?
There are many selfish excuses for it. Most importantly I like to take this particular season to bond our family closer, to experience and see the glory of God.

Why now?
Both Mark and Jacy are growing up really fast. Mark will be going towards high school in a few years and it will be even harder to travel long term. Jacy is at the right age to understand a lot of things and also does not need us to keep her entertained during travel.

Why so far away?
I figured if we have the time to travel for a few months, why not go the furthest from our home? I was told, if we are able to drill down from Singapore to the opposite side of the world, you will come out in Ecuador. You can try it out here to find where is the furthest distance from your city : http://www.antipodr.com/

And they were calling to one another: “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory. Isaiah 6:3

The travelers

Edward – I will write just about anything 🙂




Jo – She will be taking photos of interesting food and blogging about them.




Mark – He is editor-in-chief. His command of English is surprisingly good. Either that, I am bad.



Jacy – I don’t know what she will do

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