Historical Sites in Mexico City

Palacio Nacional (The National Palace)


The National Palace was built by Aztec emperor Moctezuma II in the 16th century. Hernan Cortes destroyed it in 1521 and made it into a fortress. After some events which I don’t know happened, The palace was destroyed and got rebuilt, and it became the palace today. On some walls of the palace, you will see murals painted by famous Mexican painter Diego Rivera of the Mexican civilization before the Spanish Conquest. It has very good paintings of the Aztec Empire. Website: http://www.palacionacionaldemexico.mx/


Catedral Metropolitana De México (Cathedral Metropolitan)

The Cathedral is about 500 years old, it is leaning onto one side because Mexico City used to be just a lake and there is still loose soil underground. It’s good to take some picture of the leaning cathedral and if you want to go in, it’s free.


Hospital de Jesus (Jesus Hospital)

The Jesus Hospital is the first hospital in the continent of America. It was founded by the much hated Hernan Cortes in 1524. It is a still functioning hospital and many Mexicans don’t know this place at all.

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