Day 1 : 28 hours of mad rush

Day 1 is finally here. Our family sabbatical or road-schooling, whatever you call it, this is the day!

Our barang-barang (goods and belongings) for the next 7 months

I initially planned for a backpack for each of us and 2 check-in luggage. With all the packing tips, packing cubes, vacuum bags thrown in, we had to run to a mall to purchase another 30L trolley bag which was used for our excessive electronics, chargers, wires, etc and the children’s bolster. 😜

This will be our first time taking 4 flights in a row. These were the flight plans : Penang to Kuala Lumpur.  5 hours later, KL to Manila.  2 hours later Manila to Los Angeles and finally 2 hours 40 minutes later Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We said our prayers before embarking and hoped we can connect through all the flights.

We were 5 hours early in KL, but our flight departed 1 hour plus late. Which means my two hours layover in Manila was cut short to less than an hour. From my past experience, with less than an hour layover, the check-in luggage will not be in time to be transferred to the next flight. So I approached the flight attendant and let her know my concern. She told me that she will relay my concerns to the captain who will in turn let ground staff know about our connecting flight and rush my luggage out to next flight. We touched down at Manila around 8.35pm and my next flight out depart for LA at 9pm😱. Standing at the doorway, I gently reminded the flight attendant of my luggage even though I know it will unlikely to make it. Once the door opened it was like “Run Jacy Run!”, “Run Mark Run!”. We went through a security scan and had my high quality brand new duct tape confiscated. I didn’t know that it was not allowed. Anyway, we arrived at our assigned gate at 9pm. The flight was just boarding. whew! 😅

Flight 3 of 4 : Manila to Los Angeles

A rather smooth and comfortable 13 hours flight where the children get to sleep for 7-8 hours. The flight arrived as scheduled, around 6.50pm. We have almost 3 hours to clear customs, pick up our luggage and “walk” to our next flight at 9.40pm. Unfortunately, due to super tight security at LA airport, we only cleared custom at 9pm. The mad rush begins again. We rushed to the assigned carousel and frantically look for our luggage. Xiao liao! Not there. I didn’t make a big fuss as I am prepared mentally the luggage won’t make it. So I just filled up a form and quickly checked which terminal is our next flight.

Tom Bradley International Terminal to Terminal 1

To walk from Tom Bradley Terminal to our Southwest Airlines terminal 1, it will take about 17 minutes. Our flight departs in less than 30 minutes. We had to run once again.

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Run Jacy Run

Flight 4 of 4 (Los Angeles to Las Vegas)

A tired look after 26 hours of mad rush

We are thankful we were still allowed to check-in 15 minutes before flight depart. We were even more thankful that we didn’t have our luggage with us as running from one terminal to another terminal with those luggage would be even more tiring. To cap it off, we would not be able to check-in the luggage as they requires 45 minutes before departure. Therefore, we are indeed so grateful, God laying all the steps for us.

Finally arriving in Vegas

A tired smile
Glad that we arrived!

Finally! We made it. Connecting through all the flights was like an adventure even though some of our barangs were not with us. I was a scout, so I was prepared for delayed and lost luggage. Our trolley luggage contained some essentials like a set of clothes each as well as our pajamas. Jo and Jacy still can smile for the camera!